How Lauren cloud helped foresight group optimise and secure their AWS workloads

Foresight Group is an offshore drilling company headquartered in Dubai, UAE with regional offices across India, China and UK. Foresight Group have hosted their ERP application on AWS, however were facing challenges on security “in” the cloud and increasing costs on the cloud. Lauren Cloud signed up with Foresight Group as their MSP with the intent to implement corrective measures to address their security posture on AWS with immediate effect. In order to do this, Lauren Cloud’s solution architects performed a “Well Architected Review” of Foresight’s AWS account and recommended and implemented the following:

  1. Using IAM users, roles and policies to be redefined, MFA enabled for privileged users
  2. Amazon CloudWatch enabled for details monitoring
  3. Amazon CloudWatch Events enabled for notifications and alarms
  4. Encryption enabled on EBS volumes
  5. Using Amazon Lambda for automation & managing snapshots
  6. Amazon CloudTrail tenabled for logs and audit purposes
  7. AWS Shield to be enabled for DDoS protection
  8. Create Auto Scaling groups behind an ELB to manage peak traffic during week and month ends

As a result of this, Foresight have been able to secure and automate their AWS usage, which has helped the management team realise the benefits of using AWS, especially around cost, elasticity, security and manageability. This in turn has led to the customer evaluating more services on AWS and they now plan to deploy more workloads on AWS.