Mobile security service provider: The Lauren Effect!

Growing Relevance of Mobile Security

For the most part, the world of computing and communication has gone mobile. A closer look at the numbers reveals a growing trend of mobile becoming the preferred way of accessing the Internet. According to, nearly three-fourths of all adults in the U.S. used a smartphone in 2016. At the same time, the average time spent using mobile devices each day continued to climb, while time spent engaging with other media declined. Currently, adults are spending an average of 75 minutes each day interacting with their mobile devices.

Why Mobile Security?

Mobile malware is quickly becoming a growing concern, up 19% from 2012. Since there is a much stronger personal connection to mobile devices, employees are apt to want to use their device however they want to. And, since mobile devices are more closed than laptops, IT departments are not able to place the same safeguards on smartphones and tablets as they are on many other devices. In such cases, a mobile security service provider becomes relevant.

The features Covered by Lauren

  • Identify mobile security trends
  • safeguard applications and data
  • Antivirus for Devices
  • responsive managed security services
  • Encryption
  • quickly address potential threats
  • Secure content and collaboration
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Mobile Application Management

Lauren (through IBM) provides mobile security solutions empowering your entire mobile security climate, with the ability to start on preferences. The key security products of Lauren include integrated functionality to secure any type of endpoint, whether a smartphone or a router. With such a holistic vantage point, real-time Mobile Security Intelligence is possible.

The speed of mobile evolution has created dangerous gaps in security, and cybercriminals have taken advantage. In today’s mobile-centric environment, there are fine lines between personal and professional spaces, and IT businesses have extensive responsibilities. In fact, protection of personal data is often a government-mandated regulation.

At the End of the Day: The Best!

The Lauren mobile security service provider offers sophisticated tools & expertise to help secure your data assets 24/7, at low cost of in-house security resources like: Security Operations Centre Portal. This gives a singular window into your entire security world!

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