Need and importance of cognitive solutions in everyday life!

Through all of the higher echelons of management…the need and importance of cognitive based solutions cannot be overemphasized!

Cognitive Solutions are responsible for empowering machine learning mechanisms and facilitating self-learning in a unique way, so as to perform intelligent tasks that give a higher level of personification to the machines. Enriching the quality of programmable data is the basic idea behind cognitive solutions evolution.

Current Paradigms

Today, the most famous is the Information Processing Paradigm! In this paradigm, there is the belief that all cognition (the senses as well as thought) is information that passes through a processing system (our mind-body mechanism) in stages and also recorded in specific places for current and/or future processing.

Applying this behaviorist psychological paradigm to machines is the basis of modern cognitive solutions.

Therefore, the stable and relevant evolution of such solutions is the fundamental and basic need of humans today! There is even a certain degree of self-actualization which every machine promises to display in the near future!


Making Machines capable of self-learning through BI (Business Intelligence), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Pattern Recognition, and ANN (Artificial Neural Networks) has been the progressive vision of many cognitive enthusiasts. Today, cognitive solutions find widespread applications in many facets of Management Information Systems (MIS) like Decision Support Systems (DSS), Expert Systems (ES), Executive Information Systems (EIS), Transaction Processing Systems (TPS), and Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and so on. MIS reports are used for real-time actionable decision-making!

There can be various categories of cognitive services like:

  • Vision APIs: A business is able to get significant insights and deducing realistic results
  • Speech APIs: The machines can analyze the intent from the tone, pitch and arrangement of words
  • Language APIs: Analyzing the heuristics of language
  • Data APIs: These methods involve analyzing datasets for meaningful combinations.

Today, humans can only go so far, where making sense of unstructured data is concerned. At the end of the day, there is fatigue, sickness and work-life balance to be seen. And it is exactly for this work-life balance that there should be cognitive advances in machines…to make the lives of us humans…a wee bit easier. This can only be made possible, through cognitive solutions which can make the future machines pass many Turing tests with flying colors!

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