Outstanding Messaging & Collaboration service: Only with Lauren!

When compared with messaging services, phoning is still great, but not the best for every situation. A telephone is good for setting up meetings or discussing items for which there is quick feasibility. Better not to tell an employee that he made a mistake on the last assignment. Save that for a one-on-one session.

Importance of Proper Communication

With so much technological solutions at our fingertips, it is sometimes difficult for us to believe that any communication problems exist in businesses today. In the course of a busy workday, the importance of good communication can be easily forgotten. If you are noticing that it is difficult to get your employees morale at an all-time high, or worse, that your business is losing finance, you might need to take a second look at your messaging & collaboration service.

The Situation Today

IBM® Notes® and Domino® (earlier IBM Lotus Notes & Domino) founded the groupware and enterprise collaboration market 20+ years ago. IBM has been the undisputed powerhouse in providing security-centric messaging and business applications ever since. In a cloud-centric workplace, IBM continues to amaze, with the new IBM Notes and Domino 9.0.1 Social Edition. Move from email to social email experiences. Create a more effective workforce. Messaging and collaboration service helps in the speed adoption of newer tools & cost reduction.

Unified communications from IBM offer secure instant messaging, web conferencing, and team collaboration software. Different IBM suites provided by Lauren:

  • IBM Connections Suite
  • IBM Domino Designer
  • IBM Connections Cloud
  • IBM Notes and Domino

Getting More out of Your Messaging Environment

Email services form an active messaging & collaboration service channel in today’s digitally-enabled businesses. With enterprises looking to increase operational flexibility, cloud-based email services are gaining popularity. However, most enterprises fail to assess if their existing IT infrastructure and data are equipped to handle the cloud email infrastructure and new security threats that come with being exposed to the external environment. The transition calls for re-engineering of emails, restructuring of operational architectures, and re-skilling of IT support staff.

Today, messaging & collaboration services are a long-shot from being mere utilities for most. Rapidly increasing user demands have led to custom deployments that are not being matched by cloud suppliers. These suppliers are challenged to meet specific needs for security, content control, and application integration. The evolution of hybrid collaboration models in areas such as message hygiene, archiving, mailboxes are disrupting this domain, leading to revolutionary delivery models that are not just cost-effective but also are fine-tuned to clientele. Across most organizations, people have varying work needs and the IT staff must be able to provide the right tools as requirements and work scenarios change. Messaging & collaboration service solutions support varying needs that are adapted from one architecture for IT to manage. This provides an easier way to deliver the right productivity tools throughout an organization than in the past!