Eliminating complexities and providing well architected solutions.

Cloud computing technologies are the highest form of efficiency that any organization can achieve. It elevates the productivity and performance of the whole organization with well-engineered solutions precisely designed to deliver superior returns. The whole concept of cloud computing positions itself to deliver the best of both, output and expertise.

Our Offerings

Cloud Adoption

Cloud adoption is a strategic solution  where the organization determines the Cloud Centre of excellence in order to familiarize the organization with more seamless, scalable and agile solutions.


Lauren adopts a comprehensive process of assessing, migrating and optimization which leads our  customers towards improved security, reliability, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Managed Services

In lieu of just restricting our capabilities to mere lift and shift of data, we exclusively make provisions for services like account management, 24X7 monitoring, security and more for customers that are already  profiting from the benefits that cloud has to offer.

Cloud Security

Lauren deploys well established policies and control based technologies to prioritize data protection. We focus on Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) and address configuration while securing your cloud environment through virtual firewalls.


Lauren will approach your application and infrastructure with a vision to transform it from monolithic to micro service based architecture where modernization will help reinvent providing innovative solutions all together.

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