Enterprise mobility solutions: An introduction

Mobility Solutions include the whole circuit of services like mobile device management, in-app marketing solutions, platform development and open source, application development for iOS, BB, Android and Windows that support smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices.

Some applications include security and content management, application and collaboration management, device and system management, mobile service management, sourcing and logistics and last but certainly not the least, program and financial management.

As far as the users of mobility solutions are concerned…they need an environment that offers business enablement, continuity, collaboration, and efficiency. A complex word known as Mobimorphosis…or Mobile Centric Digital Transformation comes into focus here! It means having the ability to interact with customers, assets, products, employees, in real-time and from anywhere using mobile devices!

Feasibility and Relevance Today

Today, in the 21st century environment, there really is no difference between desktop and mobile processes… in any area of Information Technology. Therefore, today, Mobility is a value-added feature. It is a necessary feature for businesses to remain competitive. It is also known as the Third Platform in IT. In other words, the mobility platform is no longer optional.

The most valuable component of Mobility is the ‘aesthetic value ‘attached to it. The basic premise is to be able to reach out to a myriad of clientele the world over.

Benefits to the Mobile-Centric World

Three quick questions to determine if his business has Enterprise Level Mobility:

  • Does your current infrastructure support multiple apps, sensors, and devices?
  • As the whole world shifts to mobile, can your business cope with the increased demand?
  • Can your business balance employee privacy with enterprise security?

Benefits of having Enterprise Mobility:

Transfer and Sharing of Knowledge, Portability, Delivery of Critical Operational Data, Greater Digital Communication and the list goes on and on.

Final Thoughts on Enterprise Mobility

Through the Enterprise Mobility platform, any company can increase its operational speed and efficiency. This also includes the capacity to share information in real-time. The most important fact is that professional mobility will allow a business to collaborate more!

A term EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) has become increasingly more and more significant. It involves the whole gamut of people, processes, and practices that focus on managing mobile gadgets in a business-like way!

It is expected that as mobile devices continue to evolve…there will be seen a corresponding maturation in Enterprise Mobility!

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