Hybrid infrastructure provider: What’s the big deal!

There are three forces today driving the adoption of hybrid IT:

  • An enterprise continuous control of data
  • The cost-effectiveness of cloud components such as SaaS & Storage
  • The desire for an IT department to respond as quickly as possible to rapidly changing business needs. By transforming your infrastructure in a non-disruptive way, you can solve the most pressing issues & prepare for future endeavors. Hybrid IT combines the right mix of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to meet your business and IT goals, so you can integrate new technologies where needed and maintain legacy systems where appropriate

Hybrid infrastructure provider in Real-Time

Businesses must adapt quickly to stay relevant in our modern, fast-paced world. This puts a strain on IT and can lead to a chaotic mix of workload-specific hardware platforms and shadow IT that is costly, difficult to manage and high-risk.

The metamorphosis to hybrid IT starts with gathering requirements of workloads to strike the ideal balance of security, performance & agility. With the right workload placement, you can achieve optimal economics while providing the data and services that are essential to advancing your business.

Lauren: Enhances Agility?

CEOs are always under pressure, as business demand architectures that support innovation with no incremental costs. These constant demands to innovate and speed-up time to market are forcing many IT departments to rethink the way technologies are being used.

A Hybrid Infrastructure provider like Lauren enables organizations to have a fine-tuned module that suits their specific needs and can be further upgraded as per the changing business environments. A hybrid IT infrastructure goes a long way in providing flexible, scalable and high performance driven technology environment that supports your current and future business demands. Thus, technology updates or obsolescence (in future) are no longer a key concern and the IT department can focus on more strategic initiatives.

  • Run the Business
  • Generating Revenue Streams
  • Grow the Business
  • Reducing Capital Expenditure (CapEx)
  • Increasing Business Agility

Lauren has already done this hybrid cloud infrastructure in practice. It is now ready to train its workforce more broadly in the tools, techniques. It has built up a portfolio of lasting technologies that support this approach and has a nice list of customer wins to amaze the market with.

At the end of the day, it’s all about convenience! The growth of cloud and the decline of the data center is a 21st Century reality. Gartner predicts that by 2020 businesses will spend about the same amount of money on cloud hosting, as traditional infrastructure services. CEOs want agility and flexibility while eradicating hassles of maintaining tailored, on-premises data centers, which is why most will want cloud solutions. A hybrid infrastructure provider like Lauren does just that!

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