Lauren service desk services: Simply out of this world!

What is a Service Desk (SD) and why is it important is what you might be thinking of when you are thinking of your company and what expenses that you will be occurring to run it. Is your Service Desk or Helpdesk as important as the phone your business uses?

The Service Desk allows companies to be less dependent on specifics and enables them to easily connect with business partners by focusing on processes. By switching the IT focus on processes the infrastructure delivers value addition to the corporate users. Once the processes are defined, the service desk services monitor them and the company can focus on its strategic business plans.

A Service Desk is the first point of contact where end users and IT service management meet. Service-Desk processes incidents and requests that clients may face regarding the implemented IT system. In short, Service Desks serve as the medium of communication between users and service providers, where reported errors should be addressed immediately.

IBM Control Desk is a part of advanced service desk services that deliver optimized automation to help reduce costs and increase agility. The IBM Control Desk solution offers flexibility and depth of features, including simplified IT asset management & service automation.

Relevance of the Lauren Service Desk

  • 80% Reduction in ticket volumes
  • Process Improvement
  • Smarter Asset Management
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Resource Optimization
  • Automate user-friendly self service

Now, service desk services has evolved tools to unify assets and simplify management. Increased self-service capabilities improve access to applications, workflows, and communications.

With automated processes, service desk software can reduce risk and improve service levels for better productivity.

A stable SD enriches a client’s satisfaction ratio by allowing the organization to implement their business strategies. A good Service Desk improves a company’s satisfaction by managing IT costs. A good Service Desk communicates effectively and efficiently with each end user. The next step in allowing your company to focus on your business plan lies in efficient service desk services.

Lauren with IBM

IBM does something right. So Lauren chose IBM Control Desk (CD). We’ve achieved an 82% reduction in ticket volumes and a 41% in result rates with IBM CD.

Personalize your IT universe now with a more feasible & security-centric environment that predicts and acts to meet current and future requirements. Put your users in charge of where, when and how they receive support.

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