Lauren: The cloud security provider differentiator!

The Cloud Security Need

With all the recent well-publicized hacking and malware attacks, not to mention numerous meteorological events that have affected companies around the globe over the last year, IT leaders are very aware of the need for robust cloud security and compliance.

At the end of day, companies are become more comfortable towards risk, simply because they don’t have clean in-roads into the security of the cloud & even less means of monitoring them.

The reality is that managing and monitoring cloud security is an ongoing task and customers need to work with a provider that is able and willing to proactively provide them with security information, alerts and notifications.

Cloud security provider becomes more relevant as companies use the public cloud for workload-centric applications. They need to ensure that they are deploying the same security features that are usually deployed for on-premise applications in the cloud.

The Lauren Strategy

The key difference between our strategy and many strategies you may have encountered is that we know exactly what information can go where in the cloud & have constructed mechanisms to enforce those rules. Therein lays the key to the ability to move sensitive information to the cloud with confidence.

The IBM Enterprise Cloud Security

Cognitive needs help solve current skillsets, accelerate responses & achieve cost reductions alongwith complexity. IBM® SaaS delivers tools at a watered down price & a faster time to value.

IBM Cloud security provider facilitates upgrades and secures your global data.

Enterprise cloud security from IBM enables your business to innovate, improve defenses and manage risk. With Lauren, you gain access to holistic IBM Cloud security services & secure support of: 12,000+ clients in 135 countries. As a proven leader in enterprise security, IBM has 3,500+ security patents and, by combining the security immune system with advanced cognitive computing, its Cloud enables you to continue to invent. IBM® cloud security services solutions span both our consulting services and managed services to help build your capabilities and get the expertise you need. Data security is a priority, whether your cloud is on-premises/off-premises or hybrid. The dynamic nature of cloud means you need a more automated, agile and elastic approach than traditional security measures. Transform your current security policies with cloud-secure technology from IBM®


  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Reduced time to value
  • Reduced capital expenditure

Increasingly, IT businesses are looking to cloud providers to deliver security assurance across multiple layers of the application. Today, a Cloud security provider is placed with IT generalists, rather than traditional security, networking, server & storage specialists. In an increasing pressure-driven environment, cloud providers must do more to enrich clients with intuitive, advanced security functionality that alerts to potential threats!

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