Professional and Proactive service for delivering excellence.
With a dedicated team of professionals that will cater to all your IT problems, we always aim to progress even further by our own standards. For 3 decades, Lauren has been providing businesses with practical proactive assistance with our aim being to make it easy for the organisations to carry out their business operations seamlessly with scalable result by providing an unprecedented amount of knowledge through agile solutions.
Our Offerings

Annual Maintenance Contract

Under our professional services unit we draft an annual maintenance contract for providing infrastructural repair and maintenance around the clock for our customers storage, server and network systems assembled by both OEM’s (back-to-back) & Non OEM’s (Non back-to-back).

Facility Management Services

Lauren with the ambition to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of its customers organisational strategy and operational goals integrates multiple resources to provide hardware as well as software solutions along with services from resource deployment to complete end-to-end support.

Managed Services

With the help of managed services in software (application & platform development, open source, In-App marketing solutions, device management) and hardware (end point solutions , data centre systems, asset life cycle, more. ) we assist enterprises in planning, designing and implementing cutting edge digital experiences into their product.

Incident based support

With the professional assistance of Lauren’s Incident Based Support, resolving problems onsite and offsite has become more effortless with beneficial outcomes and superior solutions. We prioritize on solving issues with agility and precision as to make business processes smoother and streamlined.

Lauren premium support

Our premium support lines up to focus on the functions and provide with high end assistance for systematic and well structured project executions and completions. Lauren has been supporting the IT industry with high level technology for decades in order to be considered premium by standards.

Service tools

At Lauren, we understand how critical it is to deliver our services to organizations that entail, but for that, we need to have compelling communications between our customers in order to regulate the services that we provide through the tools that we use.
Our Customers