Resource Management Services: The Lauren Effect!

Resource management is the efficient and effective deployment of an organization’s resources whenever they may be needed. They include financial, inventory, human skills, production resources, or IT. Resource supervision is a key element to activity resource estimating and project human resource management. Both are essential components of a detailed project management plan to execute and monitor a project successfully. Research shows that the human element of resources in an organization makes up for around 80 % of the business value, so sound HR Management is very relevant.

The resource management services are an API which is implemented through industry standard Representational State Transfer (REST) services. These allow the client to list domains and tenants that were defined in support of IBM Cloud Provisioning and Management for z/OS.

Importance of Resource Management:

  • Training workers
  • Conflict resolution
  • Hiring personnel
  • Appraising performance

Lauren: Improving Compensation Packages

Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) is IBM’s flagship solution for z/OS performance measurement and management. It is the basic prerequisite to collect performance data for z/OS and environments. It monitors systems’ performance behavior and allows you to optimally tune & configure your system according to your business needs. Resource management services are shipped as optional feature with every release of z/OS at the current level of support.

Offering Real Value for the Client

Lauren analysts are supported by several reports that ease their work, helping them to fine tune their system systematically. Consequently, fewer workload problems &, most importantly, increases in a system and operator productivity, a fact that makes the company as a whole more effective!

Newer concepts are continuously being developed to support growing enterprise environments while reducing the TCO & more benefits. RMF makes it significantly easier to manage complex systems.

Resource management services improvements in existing functions, as well as new functions to support your growing environment. Your investment protection is assured by using resource management to always have the most current and most accurate view of your performance.

Resource Management is the most important thing before closing any deal or project! You have to measure the timeline; manpower & costing of all things to be managed before accepting the project. SO it’s an important thing. Therefore it’s lucky for our clients to live in this era where Lauren is here make their lives easy & fast.

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