Lauren Robotic Process Automation, Convenience driven by automation.
Lauren assists their customers towards increasing productivity and efficiency by providing robotic process solutions with configurable software to automate any business process. Our ambition is to streamline operations throughout the organization and simultaneously improving ROI and reducing OPEX through code-free, non-invasive, non-disruptive and easy functioning bots acting as a digital workforce.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is considered to be a convenient yet brilliant automation software as it employs bots as well as AI, enabling higher degree of operational flexibility for our customers. RPA caters to the entire spectrum of consumers across various industry by programming ready-made, ready-to-deploy Digital Workforce available as per the demand with no requirement of specialized IT infrastructure for functioning.
Through collaboration we deliver a very sophisticated Digital Workforce Platform with an objective to make work more human by automating business processes and liberating people.
Our Offerings

Standardized Process

We at Lauren believe that automation is the future, so we deliver futuristic RPA solutions to our customers with the entire implementation and development procedure technically standardized to engineer convenience powered by robotization.

Convenient and resource optimization solutions

Robotic Process Automation bots thinks, analyses and works like people, it helps to mitigate the burden of doing mundane work and focus on other more pressing aspects of their business by providing assistance through precisely programmed bots acting as a digital workforce with the ability to interact with any system or application to ensure efficient operations and improved resource optimization

Administer and resolve complexities

The problem-solving nature of automation has led numerous businesses to attain minimal to no inaccuracies and blunders. Appointing well programmed bots to do jobs for organizations where they overview tasks that are exhaustive and repetitive for humans with a higher quality output.
Automation Benefits

Time saving

Automation does the same work faster, error free and continuously in order to save time.

High accuracy

Bots are preprogrammed with specific information about their tasks and therefore have very high accuracy.

Eliminate human error

RPA bots are specifically customized and programmed to carry out a function accurately thus resulting in zero human error.

Reduce expenses

The initial CAPEX incurred by the company to employ digital workforce is significantly lower than the ROI earned and OPEX saved in the future.
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