The evolution of mobility in the modern IT era

The era has come to give more results for lesser efforts. It comes as no surprise that 20% people control and manage 80% of the resources in the IT sector. In an age where the ‘progress’ is judged by Technological Fidelity…and many ‘Smart & Fast’ ways, a person can do ‘Ordinary & Boring’ things…the Mobility Aspect certainly comes into focus.

Mobility has evolved to optimize the experience of mobile users the world over. There is a big need being felt to customize the communications in terms of continuity, innovation, and relevant domain channels. This is because when the Real World meets the Virtual Technology some noise in channels and loss of data is expected and happens every time.

The main points of concern…and research is IP mobility, Non-homogenous, High-Lossy connectivity, as well as Multi-homed which eventually leads to Distributed Computing and Networking.

Benefits of Mobility Management

There are many benefits of managing mobility. These can be from different contexts and references:

  • Workflow Personalization: All this includes portability, accessibility, and other things. Due to personalization, the employees get a sense of freedom
  • Power Efficiency: There is a promise of upto 45% power savings
  • Security: Even if there is a small gap in security…even then there is a change that sophisticated hackers will hack into the system
  • Performance: The applications must perform well in order to bring big businesses to the table. Mobility increases performance in many ways
  • Employee Satisfaction/Retention: Mobility solutions facilitate the balancing of work-life balance
  • Employee Productivity: Mobility solutions are essential for increasing the productivity in terms of the output given at the end of the day. Productivity naturally increases as the employees are given more flexibility

Professional Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is transforming the face of conventional mindsets of the Global IT Think Tanks. More and more people and employees are using mobile handsets and thus there are needs being felt for research in fields like laptops, tablets, smartphones, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Storage, Decision Support and Planning Systems and so on.

Enterprise Mobility really means greater productivity, flexibility, freedom. Great leaps in workforce productivity can be achieved through enterprise mobility.

Challenges on the Road Ahead

A lot of work needs to be done in the standardization and classification of various terms and procedures that are evolving at an amazing rate. Across many industries…many applications and features are going mobile and thus it is becoming increasingly important (…and complex) for organizations to retain control, maintain security and (at the same time) to keep employees happy! Once the feasibility, stability, and balance are achieved…it would come as no surprise if all businesses become Mobility-Centric!

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