Why mobility is the future of the 21st Century!

As of 2017, China has surpassed the USA as the dominant smartphone market of the globe. Facebook and Amazon are in a race for mobile phones to capture the growing market potential. Latest statistics say that by 2017 about 100 Billion apps will have been downloaded and this will result in at least 50 billion dollar business! While the numbers speak for themselves, it is not an understatement to mention that the word ‘mobility’ appears to be gold in the present day! With so many IT goliaths treading the Mobile Gold Rush path, it is very important that there be certain rules and regulations in place. There is a need for Mobility Management on a large scale.

Mobility is a reality in today’s environment. People just can’t get enough of smartphones and tablets, in the sense that it’s almost a form of addiction.

Real-Time Mobility

It has been increasingly important for the common man to track his business processes or normal daily routine IT procedures in an efficient manner in real-time. This is because in the Digital Age…with everything moving at digital speeds…all people want quick service. Also with increased flexibility and adjustability, people expect quick real-time results.

The real importance of real-time mobility has been realized in Location Based Services (LBS). LBS services are usually based on remote sensing and are time critical. For facilitating smart mobility, smart information is also very crucial, and that too at the tips of the fingers of the necessary people.

Field Mobility Applications

Sustainable mobility solutions are necessary to survive the rough environments in practical field trials. By integrating, collaborating mobility and messaging, we can spend more time in innovative practices and less time on actually connecting to the network.

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